Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Right here...right now

A couple of weeks ago I went for a run after work and as painful as it was I actually quite enjoyed it. It still takes me by surprise when I enjoy running on my own. I needed the thinking time and what better way that to think than while training. I had no technology and I enjoyed listening to my body and really taking in my surroundings. Part way through my run I realised that it may be the last run in Leeds while I am a resident here as I am soon to move home to the North East for a new job. This made me think about how much I sometimes forget to live in the moment (and I’m sure I am not the only one guilty of this). I’ve spent most of my time in Leeds looking forward to the time I can say I am moving home but now I am, I realise just how much I have grown to love Leeds and the people here.
I moved to Leeds just after the Great North Run 2014 when running and me had a difficult relationship and at a time I was adamant I’d never do another. I joined a bootcamp, kept running and slowly began to develop a more positive relationship with running again. This year I found a perfect running buddy (at home) and my relationship with running has taken a much more positive turn and I can actually say I am looking forward to doing the Great North Run 2016 (following my return from Leeds!)
I know I need to really up my game and get training properly, instead of just talking about it. I am really looking forward to being back in the North East and being able to train properly and also join Ashington Hirst Running Club (which I plan to do as soon as possible!)
I’m already thinking of running beyond the Great North Run and look forward to returning to Leeds to see some friends from work for the Abbey Dash in November. I have enjoyed Park running in Leeds with my friends and have some lovely memories of my time here. I feel so lucky to have two places that I can love so much. That run a couple of weeks ago was good for my soul and really reminded me to make the most of today and live for the moment…after all forever is made up of lots moments just like this one so it makes sense to make as many of them as happy as possible :)


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