Monday, 18 April 2016

Sun, Sea, Sand and Smiles...

This morning I went out for a long run. I’d arranged to run with Tony as we are doing the Great North Run together. When my alarm went off I began to question why I have committed to training for another half marathon but I dragged myself out of bed all the same. Once up and dressed I opened the curtains and saw that the sun was shining and began to look forward to getting out in the fresh air. What a way to start a Sunday morning!
It was almost perfect running conditions, quite cool but sun shining with a light breeze (ok, actually quite windy at times…after all we are near the sea!)

We set off running from Ashington to Newbiggin and I was at least a mile in before I started I complaining. I stopped complaining once we reached the prom…it was an absolutely glorious day for a trip to the beach. I felt like I was on holiday: blue sky, almost calm sea, and a mile of golden sand… it was easy to forget that I was on a training run in Northumberland and not the Costa del Sol.

At times my legs ached but breathing in the sea air made it worth it (and almost entirely enjoyable). I chatted all the way round (yes, really – who knew I talked a lot?!) and it was surprising how far we went altogether.
Altogether we ran almost 7 miles and I am actually starting to believe that this 2nd attempt at a half marathon is doable.

Tony and me - half way through our run!
My next long run will be Sunderland 10K 2 weeks today! Two years ago this was the first 10K I’d done and I am looking forward to doing the new route there this year.


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