Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Never say Never!!

I think I may be slightly crazy but I am once again training for the Great North Run. Any one that has had any running related conversation with me in the last 18 months might be rather surprised at this. No one is more surprised than me.  You may recall how much I disliked the Great North Run  the first time I did it and I pretty much said never again. But for a number of reasons I’ve changed my mind and I am in training once again. If you'd like to read about my previous journey going from an absolute non-runner to someone who completed a half marathon you can read about it here.

I’ve had some good runs recently mainly because I’ve been running with other people. I rediscovered my addiction (and love?!) of running at Blyth 10k last week. I think I spent so much time talking to Tony (my new running buddy) and breathing in the sea air that I actually temporarily forgot that I was running. It was a really enjoyable morning out and for the first time ever I can honestly say I enjoyed taking part in a race and running. I always enjoy the feeling after and the sense of achievement but generally I do not enjoy running. I enjoy the people I have met and the fitness I have gained. My sister, brother-in-law, nephew and niece came along to support and it was lovely to see them cheering me on! My best friend Rachael also made a brilliant 10K race comeback and it was lovely to share the experience with her.
Rach, me and Tony
Now it appears I can run (and enjoy) 10k relatively easily, I’ve decided to give myself a new challenge and train for the GNR again. Last time round I really struggled with anything over 7 miles so I know it’s not going to be easy but I am a determined person and I know I can do it. I am fitter than this time 2 years ago before my first (and only) Great North Run and I am surrounded by lots of supportive people in my life so I know I will get to the finish line once again. Hopefully this time it will be more enjoyable.
I am running for the North East Trust for Aphasia again as they were looking for people to join their Great North Run team and I’d love to support them raise funds as it’s such a fantastic charity. They support people with Aphasia (communication difficulties following a stroke or other brain injury) and I have seen first-hand the brilliant work they do. If you would like to sponsor you can find my page here.

On Saturday morning I was going to do a Parkrun in Leeds but I have somehow managed to leave all of my running socks at my parents’ house in Northumberland. I felt a bit guilty all day that I hadn’t run as I’ve been struggling to fit much exercise in to my routine in the last month. On Sunday I went and bought some new running socks and went out for a little 2 mile run. I just found out about my Great North Run place today and as I am newly enthused about running again I went for another little run after work tonight. In the rain. I ended up doing 4 miles in total and got home rather drenched. But I didn't melt. I was so close to not going as I had a headache when I got in from work but instead of using that as an excuse I decided I would go out for 10 minutes and see how I felt. I kept going beyond 10 minutes and I am so glad I did as I felt much better when I got back in. My legs were aching from about mile 3 but I made it home and survived.
View on tonight's run
Here’s to a successful 5 months training! I guess I should ‘Never say Never!’ Wish me luck!

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