Wednesday, 27 July 2016

The Big 5-0!

I think my running mojo has returned and I am really looking forward to continuing my training for the Great North Run.
A few Saturdays ago saw me reach my 50th Parkrun and I had a lovely morning running and celebrating. My dad and two of my friends, Rachael and Katie, came to cheer me on and celebrate after. My sister Joanne also completed the Parkrun with my nephew and niece (their first time!).
Before we began!
I was excited before the run, especially because Joanne and Katie had made cake (at my not so subtle hint/request!) I ran with Tone and once we crossed the finish line we turned back and went to run/walk the rest of the route with Joanne, Darius and Toni. I was so proud to reach 50 Parkrun’s and of Darius and Toni completing their first ever!
Running with Darius to the finish!

After we finished running we got the cake from the cars and Katie tried lighting the 50 candle. It was quite windy so no sooner had we lit it the flame blew out. We decided to take the cakes inside and have a cuppa and I thoroughly enjoyed eating more calories than I’d ran off, with some of the most important people in my life.
Celebration Cake!
The following Monday I went for a run after work with Tone and we covered more than 7 and a half miles. We stopped for me to stretch my calves a few times as they are still niggling. I enjoyed running and then walking when I felt like I needed to (and stopping to eat the jellies Tone had thoughtfully packed in his arm band).
I always love it when our runs incorporate a view of the sea and we started on the prom in Newbiggin. There were moments I found difficult but with Tone’s company and encouragement it was largely an enjoyable run. My focus was to enjoy being out in the fresh air and not on distance (though we did have a distance in mind before we set off).
The following Thursday I went to Ashington Hirst Running Club beginner’s session and completed 5k. I complained most of the way round as it was so hot and my legs felt heavy and tight. Towards the end of the run I settled into it a bit more and my legs were feeling better so instead of running straight back to my house Tone and I decided to run round the lake at the QE2, taking the total distance up to more than 7 miles. The Great North Run is definitely feeling achievable now and I am looking forward to increasing my distance even further!
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